How do I rate my Netflix movies?

Let me first start by saying that five stars is not enough to accurately rate how you feel about a movie. I’d be more down with a ten star rating. Netflix offers its definition of its star rating when you hover over the icons: hated it, didn’t like it, liked it, really liked it, and loved it. I’ve broadened my own definitions of the ratings below. Mostly I use the rating system to keep a running count of all the movies I’ve seen in my entire life (as of 4/24/2014 I am at 1367). My default rating is usually a three.


★ “Hated it”

= Loathed it to the point of getting angry when I think about its existence.

★★ “Didn’t like it”

= Disinterested and possibly offended.

★★★ “Liked it”

= Enjoyed myself but wasn’t amazed. Might watch it again, might not.

★★★★ “Really liked it”

= Liked it and will probably watch again or recommend to someone.

★★★★★ “Loved it”

= On a level with Star Wars and I should probably buy it.

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