They call me Mr. Tibbs

[Number of movies rated as of 11/16/2015 is 1540]

I approach my 10th anniversary with Netflix and thus will be desperately attempting to achieve the goal I had when I originally signed up for the service: complete the AFI top 100 movies of all time list(s). This one makes 93/122.

In the Heat of the Night

Netflix summary: Black Philadelphia detective Virgil Tibbs helps a redneck Southern sheriff solve a murder in this riveting study in racism that still strikes a chord. Rod Steiger won a Best Actor Oscar for his turn as the put-upon lawman who comes to respect Tibbs.

★★★★ Virgil Tibbs deals with racism in a southern town while trying to investigate a homicide. I now understand the pop culture reference that was going on in this scene of The Lion King: