A24 Films

[Number of movies rated as of 12/21/2015 is 1572]

I’ve been waiting for Amy to come out for a while since I missed it in theaters. The previews for other A24 films had me intrigued so I picked up The End of the Tour as well. I might have to go down a A24 rabbit hole now….



Netflix summary: Though singer Amy Winehouse released only two albums during her brief and stormy career, she left an indelible mark on pop music. This affecting documentary recounts her meteoric rise to fame and the addictions that ended her life at age 27.

★★★★ With interviews from friends and family, this movie shows us a more complete version of Amy Winehouse than other biographical films that have come out about her life. It reveals just how damaging being famous can be.


The End of the Tour

Netflix summary: In 1996, “Rolling Stone” reporter David Lipsky accompanied acclaimed author David Foster Wallace on a five-day promotional tour, which is chronicled in this affecting drama that focuses on the bond they form through casual and profound discussions.

★★★★ This movie would probably be uninteresting to someone who isn’t an English lit major or a big reader. I’ve had Infinite Jest sitting on my bookshelf for years now and this movie just might be the inspiration I’ve needed to pick it up.