Beethoven (1992) movie drinking game

Ya’ll know that drinking games makes nostalgia movies even better! Here are the rules for Beethoven drinking game. Drink every time…

  1. Beethoven makes a fucking mess
  2. Beethoven eats food off a plate
  3. Tim encounters bullies
  4. Ryce is sexually frustrated
  5. Sad music plays
  6. Beethoven is played by an obvious puppet
  7. Dogs are in cages
  8. David Duchovny is a yuppy
  9. Beethoven saves someone
  10. Henchmen say something stupid
  11. Dr. Varnick is evil

While re-watching this childhood classic I noted something crazy: The age difference between Bonnie Hunt and her on-screen daughter Nicholle Tom is 16 years while the age difference between her and Charles Grodin her on-screen husband is 26 years! She is 31 and he is 57.